LED walls are the future for the event world. Our 3.9mm LED video wall technology is ideal as it can be scaled and shaped to any size. In the UK we have a 60mtr² with our sister company in Belgium have a further 40mtr² in stock, all from the same batch.

Video walls produce high clarity content and due to high refresh rates the image stays smooth even up close, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience from any angle. LED runs cold so there is no need for added ventilation. Our panels are 500mm x 1000mm which makes installation quicker and halves the amount of cables used compared to the standard 500mm2 units often used within the hire industry.

With our soft and hardware control systems we can create an image of any size within the framework of the panels installed and position it anywhere within the physically built wall. This means the LED wall can be built, an area masked off, and we can position and fit the video image within the masked area.

LED walls are compiled of modular tiles with precision alignment and accuracy, removing distribution content. Screen sizes are customizable so can suit any needs; made with die-cast aluminium, they are thin and lightweight.

Our LED trailers constructed using 10mm pitch outdoor panels with brightness’s ranging from 6500 to 8500nits are available in sizes from 2mtr² to 15mtr². Perfect for temporary sales promotions or sporting events we offer these products for sale and rental.

LED is a powerful tool, important for events to showcase your work. Imagination is key, bring us your idea and we will be sure to turn it into a reality.

Contact us for more information: LED@avsl.uk.com